Wednesday, November 19, 2008

happy muffins!

WOW! i thought a few of you might wander over and comment, but we're so excited about the response so far! THANK YOU! this is already way more fun than expected...especially because now Thomas, the resident Muffinman, is eagerly reading too.

for those of you who are having some confusion about how to comment, here's a basic rundown:
1. read the post. underneath, next to the timestamp, it says "(some number) comments." click on it. a new screen opens.
2. type your 2 cents' worth in the box that says "leave your comment." knowing some of you, this could be 2 dollars' worth. hooray!
3. underneath that, where it says "word verification," type whatever letters you see above it. this is to verify you are a human and not a spammer.
4. under "choose your identity" pick "Name/URL." boxes will open underneath. fill in "Name." leave URL blank. of course, if you want to be "Anonymous," you may pick that option, but really, i'd rather know who you are!
5. click "publish your comment."
that's it!

in any case, me, Tummymuffin, Thomas -- the whole dang Muffinpan (am i going overboard with this?) are so happy you are all jumping right in. thank you for your excitement, love, stories, and advice. we'll be out of town this weekend, but hope to have a new post in a few days.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love the little twirling fetus tracker on the right! Muffin looks like a whale right now! A tiny whale that is.



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