Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week Twenty-Two

first of all, a huge thanks to those of you who have been e-mailing and commenting with practical suggestions to my baby gear overload confusion. it is HIGHLY appreciated. keep 'em coming. i'd always rather go on personal tried-and-tested recommendations than some website that probably got a kickback to recommend an overpriced product.
i literally have actual muffins baking in my actual oven right now -- some diabetic-friendly oatmeal applesauce creations that already smell delicious. i'm feeling the Tummy variety of Muffin in my personal body oven somersaulting around so i think he's excited about them too. is this nesting? probably, since i'm going to overhaul the bottom kitchen cabinets later today. woo, exciting!
but this is what i've wanted, and told myself i've wanted for awhile now. after almost a decade and a half of a very rewarding career, i've "retired" from it and made successful transitions in another professional direction. i'm relieved and thankful that changeover happened before Tummymuffin IV came along, but now that he definitely seems to be sticking around, i've been very aware of how the rhythm of my life has changed. i checked out a book from the library about making the shift from full-time professional to full-time parent. i'm being added by friends with small kids to online groups with names like "Booby Brigade" and "Raising Baby L.A." on one hand, it feels utterly disconcerting, but on the other, i've already had three tries wrapping my little brain around potential parenthood. i don't need to wonder if this is really what i want. i know -- we know -- this is what we want.
however, i am still somewhat perturbed that with today's deal-of-the-day bulletin (by the way, if you like Groupon-style deals, i highly recommend signing up with aggregator of all such things at, i totally bypassed checking out the "French lingerie" offer and went straight for the "baby accessories" offer instead. *sigh.*

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Kimberly said...

You will be so awesome at this!! I had a lot of stuff for Pumpkin and Dumpling. When we had Cupcake, most of it was in storage.
What did I miss? A bouncy seat, a baby bjorn/carrier, and the non-slip ramp for the baby tub. Seriously, that was all. I borrowed the first two, they were that useful. And I washed her on Newborns are sooo slippery.

Actually-we didn't have a crib. Craigslisted one w/o drop sides.

And someone added in a packnplay. This was helpful bc of the other monkeys and gave her some space.

One other thing I had not in storage that was so good to have: a nursing pump. Even a full-time mommy may need to pump just bc she produces more milk than a baby can hold. And bc on occasion that mommy *might* just need to leave darling baby for a few hours with daddy. Just a thought.


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