Monday, September 26, 2011

Week Fifteen

so we still haven't figured out how or when to do a big general announcement to the wider public; instead we're still slowly but surely telling people as it's natural -- especially when seeing them personally, so there's no awkward wondering about my Expando-Self. at this point, we're thinking we can wait until we find out what Tummymuffin IV's gender is, and then have even more complete news to share. hey, it's a convenient excuse.
this week we celebrated our wedding anniversary, and it felt quite different from the other ones. two anniversaries ago, we found out i was pregnant with Tummymuffin II on the night before our anniversary, for which we had planned a sushi dinner and go-karting. ah well. last year, i had just undergone a whole round of tests for why i wasn't getting pregnant again at all, and we tried to ignore that elephant in the room and simply celebrate us. so it was rather shiny and new to talk about how if all keeps going well, this is our last anniversary without needing a babysitter. i admit, over dinner we were That Couple, you know, the giggly hand-holding-across-the-table gooey-gazing-at-each-other people. which made me giggle more because i kept thinking, yeah, and i'm obviously preggers and i bet some people with kids are thinking: Well, You Newlyweds, That's All Gonna End REAL Soon.
now, i know you parents out there are not gonna lie; it's a lot more difficult to swoon around your spouse when you're sleep-deprived and poopy-diapered-out, but i know you're also not gonna lie and tell me romance dies with childbirth if people are willing to Make An Effort. i guess all i'm saying is, we've become much more aware of our "limited" just-us-two time, and we're trying to take none of it for granted. i would honestly trade all the extra mornings of sleeping in that we've had the last few years for the other Tummymuffins to have survived, but now with the everyday reality of Tummymuffin IV's continued presence, we're reminding each other that things like "quiet Sunday afternoons" are a huge luxury.
although we suspect that "fun family Sunday afternoons" are also a huge luxury. we're psyching ourselves up for that trade.


Kimberly said...

So excited!
I think the romance can totally survive. It is different. It has been a deeper love for one another over these parenting years. Of course, sometimes we miss "just us" time. There is always naptime. :) said...

There's a huge adjustment from two-someness to parenthood, I think even more so after such a prolonged struggle and wait. There were times we honestly asked ourselves what we had gotten ourselves into, BUT those were just moments and slivers and it is all so totally worth the trade in the big picture. I would much rather have those moments and slivers of family growing pains than the weight and heartache of family non-growing pains! {{{hug}}}

17th stitch said...

I highly recommend "fun family Sunday afternoons."

And yes, the romance does survive.

Julianne Harvey said...

I love this picture of you giggling and cooing at each other, fully aware that things are going to change. But there is nothing in the world like looking at your man while he holds your baby with such love in his face...that tends to take the romance and affection to a whole new level.

You've waited a long time for this. I love that you are enjoying every moment, with each other, and TMIV, and I know you'll adapt to the changes which are coming because you've already proved yourselves to be adaptable. Much love to you. said...

Just wondering when your next ultrasound (I'm guessing that will be "the big one" and hopes of finding out him/her) will be? Praying for you so often. <3


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